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AICSI - the Italian Agency for the Cooperation and Development of International Exchanges - aware of the growing importance of economic and productive exchange with other countries, in particular those receiving financial flows from Multi-Bilateral Cooperation, was established in May 1989 as a result of the initiative taken by a number of political, scientific and business groups.
AICSI's objective is to promote and consolidate relations, favor the integration of economic cooperation between Italy and other countries through the elaboration of initiatives aimed at reaching the objectives set in the framework of international cooperation for development.
With this objective, one of AICSI's tasks is to examine the legal and economic and social realities of the different countries through a permanent center for observation and documentation on the evolution of the Institutes and public and private subjects which define the economic and productive scenario of these countries. AICSI also indicates the fields and initiatives susceptible to development in the area of cooperation, mainly with the aim of making available to its members all the information useful to take on new areas of the international market.

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