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AICSI is a non-profit Institution whose members are some of the most important Italian companies, both public and private, which cover nearly all productive sectors and services. AICSI members include about 100 companies.
Member companies operate in different fields including industry and services, allowing AICSI to be present in a very large number of International co-operation projects. AICSI has a permanent working group of thirty senior experts who co-operate in multi-disciplinary areas. These experts are technical scientific reference points for the company and generally act as project managers of the initiatives promoted by AICSI.
In addition to permanent staff, AICSI is in regular contact with some 500 high level consultants, which it can mobilize in real time. It is also in contact with other external experts and institutions.
rnazionali.The permanent relationship, between AICSI staff and experts, leads to an effective transfer of know how and, consequently, to the constant updating of intervention methodologies and approaches.
All AICSI experts have large international experience; each of them fluently speaks the international working languages.

The "horizontal" skills of the working group are:   The specific skills of the working group are in the following fields:
  • situation analysis
  • project management
  • situation analysis
  • cost-benefit analysis
  • total quality management approaches
  • systemic approach to problems
  • monitoring of projects
  • reporting· set up joint ventures/district
  • establishment of networks
  • economy and finance
  • project financing
  • privatization processes
  • industrial restructuring
  • regional development
  • set up and management of services to enterprise quality and productivity
  • technology transfer
  • industrial processes
  • environment
  • energy
  • human resources development
  • tourism
  • telecommunication
  • transport

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