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  1. Institutional Network
  2. AICSI Co-operation Network

1. Institutional Network up.gif (1514 byte)
AICSI has regular co-operation links with Italian and International Institutions in defining, promoting and monitoring International Co-operation Projects.

AICSI participates in technical-scientific committees in Italy and abroad.
AICSI is a permanent member of the commission for development of international exchanges and of the task force of the Italian Ministry of International Trade, and a consultant of the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

2. AICSI Co-operation Network up.gif (1514 byte)
Operational co-operation links of AICSI include some of the most important institutions both in Italy and abroad such as:

· R & D Institutes
· Universities
· Industrial Companies
· Consulting Companies
· Governmental Bodies
· Development Agencies
· Banks

At the same time, top-level experts, generally managers or professionals, from national or multinational companies or institutions, are present in the co-operation network of AICSI.

Of course, AICSI's strongest links are with its associated companies able to cover a large range of possible fields of intervention.

Finally, AICSI has settled co-operation links in many countries both in Europe and outside Europe in order to overcome local constraints or difficulties.

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