The experience and skills matured by AICSI over years of activity with International Financial Agencies and domestic and international Public Institutions has allowed it to offer specific assistance and consulting services in the framework of the areas requested by interested companies and bodies, by making use of its own Network based in international geographic areas.

The following departments represent the main areas:


  1. The Development and Co-operation Department (DDC)
  2. Department for Industrial and Financial studiesi
  3. Business-cycle Observatory

The Development and Co-operation Department (DDC) which carries out feasibility studies, project design and implementation and technical assistance in the following areas.

a) Enterprise Development

Consulting Services:

- Organization and management auditing
- Development and setting-up of management tools, including organization master plans and SMI
- Restructuring and privatization consulting
- Business plans

b) Technical Assistance projects management:

- Nationwide Privatization Programs: strategy conception, programming and monitoring activities, coordination of short term consulting services in the fields of privatization and restructuring
- Private Sector Development Programs: implementation of advisory structures for entrepreneurs, support to exporters, promotion of twinning and joint ventures, implementation of business training enters, incubators.

c) Economic Studies and Public Management

- Nationwide Economic Planning: macro-economic analyses and forecasting, database management, investment programming, implementation of economic tools (investment law, institutional accountancy) external debt.
- Regional and Sector Planning: sector economic analysis, policy formulation, impact studies and integrated regional development planning.

- Projects: economic and financial analysis that stem into the identification of financial constraints and proposal of feasibility plans adjusted to the enterprise situation to overtake debts. Recent economic evolution studies and future trouble-shooting in order to promote restructuring measures providing the best development framework of enterprise initiatives to supply a proper appraisal, supervision and management of a project.
- Management and Restructuring of the Public and Para-Public Sector: privatization and restructuring studies and technical assistance, management and organization, training.

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