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Membership to AICSI allows the participation in a series of events including conferences, seminars, round tables, reception of foreign delegations and economic missions abroad supported by Italian public bodies and local governments. Participation in these meetings allows learning about the various project opportunities existing in various countries and identifying together industrial development programs with evident employment possibilities for the members that participate.

In addition the member company can make use of:

  • Periodic information on project opportunities and on domestic and international financing to support the activities;
  • Support to the management of relations with international bodies for the participation in competitions or expansion of the markets or de-localization of activities;
  • Assistance in the study and identification of the various projects, in establishing local regulations with respect to the protection of investments and possible tax benefits, in contacts with Bodies, Banks and Local Institutions;
  • Assistance in negotiations among partners, in the preparation of the documentation for the realization of the initiative and in the accords between the parties;
  • Assistance in obtaining the various forms of financing in accordance with the length and characteristics of the financing;
  • Assistance in the participation in the various international competitions launched by Multi-lateral bodies (CE, WB, BERS, BEI, Regional Development Banks, etc.).

With respect to consulting services carried out each time as needs arise, AICSI members will be given a 30% discount on the tariffs normally applied externally, which are calculated on the basis of the cost per man-day.
AICSI membership quotas are differentiated by annual turnover of the interested company.
AICSI membership occurs by filling in a membership card whose validity is set to one calendar year which is automatically renewed unless notification is given four months prior to its expiry.

N.B. For further information send an e-mail.

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