The best meeting opportunities are represented by the participation in seminars, conferences, round tables, the reception of foreign economic delegations and the participation in foreign economic missions, supported by Italian public institutions and local governments. These represent for members companies excellent opportunities to gain direct knowledge of the different work opportunities existing in the marks and different sectors of interest.
The complex and articulate experience matured by AICSI in its 12 years of activity has represented a reason for constructive interest by member companies which have used these moments for updating relations with the public subjects involved, the laws which regulate relations with interested countries and the selected project opportunities presented on these occasions.

1 Round tables, Forums and Seminars
2 Reception Economic Delegations
3 Economic Missions

Round Tables, Forums and Seminars

  • Malaysia - Round table on exchange between Italy and Malaysia for the identification and realization of intervention projects regarding the environment sector, pharmaceutical industry, transport and infrastructures.
  • Brazil - Forums on investments and technology Italy-Brazil held on occasion of the Framework Accord between the two countries with the aim of strengthening already existing economic relations between Italy and Brazil and to verify new economic-industrial and scientific-technological trading opportunities.
  • Indonesia - Conference on the development of exchanges with Indonesia in the framework of international co-operation, sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Ministry and coordinated by the TG1 business journalist Maurizio Beretta. Direct meetings between Italian businessmen and authorities of the Indonesian government aimed at promoting initiatives of specific interest in different sectors followed the conference.
  • Central-Eastern Europe - Forum on investments and technologies with Poland, Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria. The Forum was attended for Italy, in addition to the board of AICSI, by the then Prime Minister and President of the AICSI Honorary Committee, On. Giovanni Goria, for Poland by the President of the National Bank of Poland, for Hungary by the President of the State Commission for Technological Development, for Rumania by the President of the Rumanian Chamber of Commerce and the Deputy Minister for Foreign Trade, for Bulgaria by the Deputy Minister for Foreign Economic Relations and for Czechoslovakia by the Deputy Foreign Minister. The Forum was followed by bilateral meetings with participating countries to examine projects and investments by Italian companies and studying possible European public financial sources available to cover the costs of local projects.
  • Rumania - Conference on relations, exchange and economic cooperation between Italy and Rumania. The works were coordinated by the TG1 business journalist Alessandro Feroldi and the speakers who attended included, for Rumania, the Undersecretary of State of the Rumanian government Petre Szel, the Economic-Legal Councilor of the Rumanian government Dumitru Creanga and Rumanian Ambassador Valerio Vierita, while for Italy Minister Gaetano Zucconi of the Economic Affairs Department of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Director of the Financial Credit Sector of Mediocredito Centrale and the Central Director of Efibanca, in addition to the board of AICSI. Direct meetings between Italian and Rumanian businessmen, which allowed for making contacts aimed at the promotion of industrial initiatives in Rumania, followed the conference.
  • Rumania - Conference on Development Exchanges between Italy and Rumania held at the Pratese Industrial Union. The conference was attended by a large delegation of Rumanian and Italian businessmen, who represented around 100 companies of the most diverse productive sectors. The speakers included, in addition to the board of AICSI, the President of the Pratese Industrial Union, the Deputy President of the Rumanian Development Agency, the President of the Rumanian Chamber of Commerce, the Rumanian Ambassador, the Central Director of Efibanca and the President of the Pratese Promotion and Industrial Development Consortium. The meeting allowed for the development of productive relations with the country and specifically with the businessmen present.

Reception Economic Delegations

  • Bolivia - Reception of a delegation of Bolivian businessmen headed by On. Arch. Leopoldo Lopez Cossio to examine industrial development projects in the country with the use of Italian technology.
  • Brazil - Meeting with a delegation of Brazilian businessmen headed by On. Pimenta Da Vega, Mayor of Bel Horizonte, to examine intervention projects destined to urban sectors, transports, social assistance and health.
  • Madagascar - Meeting with the Tourism Minister of Madagascar, His Excellency Tzaranasy, to examine forms and possibilities in the creation of a joint-venture between Italian, French and local businessmen to realize projects involving tourist resorts, as well as the construction of public infrastructures including roads, airports, bridges and telecommunications.
  • Nigeria - Reception of a representation of the Nigerian government to examine the possibility of intervention in some priority sectors including the transformation and conversion of agricultural production, civil works, mechanical industry for heavy and light vehicles, industrial technology, petrochemical technology and assistance for the development of agrarian mechanics.
  • Honduras - Reception of a representation of the Honduras government to study, elaborate and execute intervention projects for the country in the fishing, tanning, health, agro-food, training and forestation sectors.
  • China - Reception of a Chinese Delegation of the "China National Sparks Corporation" headed by President Eng. Song Xiaozhong, and later examination of the Chinese economic projects to be realized with Italian technology and mixed financial resources. The meeting followed a visit to an AICSI member company (Alenia Spazio S.p.A.) that was attended by businessmen interested in the projects discussed.
  • China - Reception of a Chinese Public Delegation, the China Science and Technology Center (CSTEC), headed by President Mr. Yu Ying, on a visit to Italy to examine the business and credit possibilities to plan and realize Chinese industrial initiatives envisaged by the country's program of productive development elaborated by the government with the participation of the hosted body. The delegation, accompanied by a representation of AICSI, met a number of organizations, bodies, and member companies including the Florence ASSOCIAZIONE INDUSTRIALE, UCIMU, ERICCSON FATME, EFIBANCA, MEDIOCREDITO CENTRALE, ABB, AXIS and SMA, establishing agreements for the direct involvement in the realization of available projects.

Economic Missions

  • Rumania - Following an invitation of the local government, the Economic delegation headed by AICSI, including both public and private member companies of the most varied productive sectors, held meetings with the Ministers of the technical, scientific and productive sectors and with bodies, companies and credit institutions, establishing a permanent mixed consulting body on exchange flows of information on productive investments.
  • Greece - Following an invitation by the government, bodies, organizations and credit institutions, the AICSI delegation met the Transport and Telecommunications Minister, Foreign Trade Minister, Industry Minister, Environment Minister, the ETBA (Industrial Development Bank), the EAB (Hellenic Aerospace Industry), the BIEX (Industrial Installation Construction Co.), the Athens Chamber of Commerce, the O.A.E. (Body for the Reconstruction of Companies in Crisis), and finally the EOMMEX. In this circumstance the parties examined the possibility of carrying out initiatives being planned in Greece, studying with some of the institutions encountered, the creation of a protocol of understanding for the exchange of the flow of news involving the development of relations.
  • China - Following an invitation by the local government and by the CSTEC (China Science and Technology Exchange Center) the economic delegation headed by AICSI, which included a large number of both public and private member companies, visited the geographical areas of Hangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Zengzhu and Beijing, meeting leaders of the regional and central governments as well as financial bodies and local businessmen. The mission, which involved a series of general and specific meetings by productive sector, allowed members of the Italian business world, participating in the mission, to learn about a series of initiatives supported by local and international financing on which intervention possibilities were then elaborated leading to accords between the parties.

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